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The art of selling empanadas

I asked myself, is there such a thing? Surely I've heard the phrase before. I ducked it (you're welcome DuckDuckGo) and got results from Wix as the #1 result search, with many book recommendations on the right side of my browser. I didn't scroll down anymore, I got the answer I was looking for.

However, why did I think about the phrase -THE ART OF SELLING- you may ask?

My first intention before logging in to LinkedIn was to promote a new product I just created combining both a market item and a kitchen food item into a package that would resemble what our guests, typically couples (friends or lovers) used to order B.C (Before Covid) times which was a couple of glasses of wine, empanadas and another tapa.

Of course, adjusting our conversation based on our audience is important they said. All this means is that if you follow me on FB or any other social media platform you will find the conversation being a little different, you feel me? said Young Jun, as portrayed by Jason Tobin in the HBO series "Warrior".

Oh, yea, my product. Here it is. Click on the picture if you decide you have to have this tonight!

I hope to see you soon at De Nada Kitchen & Market.

P.S. Thank you, Grammarly for helping me fix my grammar.

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