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Put that chimichurri on everything.

I've decided to bring back all of Cueva Bar's blogs to De Nada. Why? Because content, baby! SEO's go hungry for content in order to bring your website to the top of search results. Nonetheless, I hope that if you're reading you enjoy them.

The year was 2010. In late October after going through the hell and tribulations of not just opening a new business, but to build it from the ground up, we finally passed our food department inspection with flying colors. I mean, a brand new spanking custom built tapas bar in San Diego with all new equipment ready to serve the tastiest tapas in University Heights should result in an A from the health department, right?

In our first menu we featured hand crafted and baked empanadas served with our stapple chimichurri loved by many food critics and foodies around San Diego, Southern California, and neighboring states mostly. We have had some Argentina nationals coming to Cueva to what I can only guess is find out what the buzz is about, and only to find out a Mexican chef putting a spin in a beloved Argentine culinary treasure and leaving surprised and happy with the flavors found on our chimichurri at Cueva Bar. The fun thing about owning your business and being the executive chef is that you choose to use your imagination and inspiration in whichever way you see it fit for the business. To make things interesting and to cross utilize our chimichurri, named "the best chimichurri I've ever had" by a food local food writers and solid fans, we use it in other tapas. We put the chimichurri on everything and the results are, tasty delicious tapas!

At one point, we almost achieve bottling it and selling it at a couple of local markets. This is an adventure we will have to re-take at another time. The goal? To have our chimichurri on every shelf in every market in San Diego, in California, and maybe even in the whole continental US. Are you with me?

Some of the tapas or dishes we've used our worldwide famous chimichurri on:

-Shrimp skewers

-Chimichurri flat bread

-Lamb meatballs

-Served with our hand crafted, one by one, and baked empanadas

-Focaccia bites

-Beef Wellington

Update: Since this blog was posted I've used our chimichurri in many more recipes and I continue to experiment, like in our rajas con cetas picsa. A pizza topped with chimichurri as base, cheese, roasted poblano peppers, mushrooms, garnished with red pickled onions, and cotija cheese for the gold.

We also have our chiumichurri to go ready in our market so come on over, get your chimi on and take home a container of flavor that will brighten up your cookin'


See you soon!

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