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It Was All A Dream Pt. 3.

I was born in Monclova, Coahuila Mexico. My hometown is an industrial mostly city 3 hours south of Eagle Pass Texas with almost a quarter-million people living there.

I knew I loved cooking all kinds of food, not just Mexican food because in Mexico we don’t have flatbreads, or pita bread, or gumbo, you get the idea. Well, you can find these foods designated restaurants, but these dish options I refer to are not of Mexican nature. So the following morning Jo and I decided to add “Fusion Tapas” to our sign outside to inform the public of our concept and start sharing the news on Facebook and Twitter. Instagram didn't exist quite yet. Since we first opened, we've come up with all sorts of tapas. We've taken the Spanish concept of tapas, pintxos, or bocaditos and added our own touches, creating new flavours and a new essence in order to make it a unique experience. Since we first opened our doors to the public we've received a few mentions and awards in various San Diego online and print publications in a few different categories: Tapas, Happy Hour, Empanadas, Spanish cuisine, Most Romantic Dining Experience, Gluten-Free, Mole, Sangria, Tacos, and others.

Being listed amongst the top three establishments when you search for best tapas san diego on a

consistent basis doesn't come easily or without effort. We certainly don’t take it for granted. This is a journey Jo and I embarked on together, with our families backing us up from the get-go, with team members who've believed in the Cueva Bar Café dream.

Speaking of dreams, my friend and former chef Chad Kilgore used to tell me, when we worked on a project for a food trauma clinic, “teamwork makes the dream work” as he was busting through the dishes after preparing 20-30 dietary specific meals. This is an understatement. It is the only way to make the dream work. With respect amongst each other, first and foremost, followed by both human and professional basic principles, I firmly believe we can achieve the goals we set for ourselves in life.

To be continued..

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