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Hi, Do you have dedicated kitchen space for gluten-free menu items?

Throwback Thursday is back? How much redundancy in the statement. Is ok, unless you are writing an essay for a high school, college, grad school assignment. Am I right? Who cares? I don't, not in this case. I would if the situation as like any of the three mentioned in the precedent.

Recently, an interested patron reached out to us at Cueva Bar with the question posted as the title of this blog.

Here's my response:

Hi, Gemma. Thank you for reaching out with your inquiry about our gluten-free food items. We have dedicated kitchen tools to cook gluten-free items. For example, we bake all goods in the same convection oven, but on different baking sheets. For the tortillas, we use a separate grill when cooking regular tortillas. We typically only cook corn tortillas. We only have flour tortillas once in a while and as I've mentioned, we cook them separately. We don't have a fryer so anything pan-fried is fried on separate pans if there are both gluten or gluten-free items on any given special menu. Hope this helps. Best, Chef Oz.

There have been countless times when I've been asked all sorts of questions about our gluten-free options. I try to do my best at providing as much information to help such guests understand what we offer and how we can offer it so they/you can make a sound decision. This response was just one stance. Remember, what I am doing here is simply writing copy that makes at least some sense so the search engine bots pick up this blog resulting in a higher SEO rating for De Nada's webpage. The story told above is real, though. If you're still reading and are wondering about the GIF I used it makes at least two of us. I looked for a royalty-free GIF by typing the word gluten-free in the search box and this was the example I used comfortable, even if I am looking in my mind bank for memories of anybody saying "Gluten-free" in the same way the actor from the GIF above. So, you see, or read, now we are having a conversation about Gluten-free food. At least I am, in my mind, by myself, then typing it here in order to communicate with you. You feel me?

What are your thoughts about gluten-free food? What's the knowledge you have come across, and will you mind sharing it in the comments?

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