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Hash this, hash that

On my journey to bringing more visibility to De Nada Kitchen and Market is the turn of the famous golden beet hash blog. I wrote this years ago and is nice to go back and find these gems. Also, because I like to share my experiences as a business owner in the form of bloging, sharing updates about my on going SEO battles here, and on social media, a long time Cueva Bar supporter jumped in to the conversation and gave me a much needed hand with very important information about SEO's and how to improve my work. So, Howl, if you're reading this, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I am still working on SEO's, and apparently will continue to do so until our business can bring someone aboard who can take care of this type of work for the organization. In the meantime. Have a quick read and I hope you enjoy the little story:

Creativity is always flowing when we want to cook up some new tapas. Back in 2010 when we opened the term tapas here in San Diego seemed to be a somehow new concept. Well, the truth is I believe is that those who are looking for the tastiest tapas in San Diego and surrounding areas are mostly those who have been to Spain or those who come to visit San Diego for business or as a vacation spot. I remember a night out with Joanna at Charlottesville Historic Downtown Mall before we went to see a Cirque Du Soleil show. We stopped at a Spanish tapas place. Back then I was already thinking about opening a restaurant in the future so I was paying attention to every detail, from food we ordered to the decor and feeling of the place. Creativity was all around us.

The picture above is from a tapa inspired dish I made back in 2013 when Instagram was somehow new and very few restaurants were in the game of showing their fans their creations on a daily basis. Gary Vee wasn't even talking about the power of social media and I was working on influencing your going outs before the term "influencer" went main stream. But that's another conversation.

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