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Dinner, wine and a show

Wine availanble for take out at De Nada San Diego
Organic wine in San Diego near University Heights

Here I have another post from the vault of Cueva Bar. I will continue to recycle these posts until I exhaust them, then I'll write some brand spanking new stories. In the meantime, enjoy this one:

I feel you. Sometimes you just want to stay at home for the night. What if staying in means you don't have to cook or go to the store for that bottle of wine you want to match with your dinner?

Yeah, I've been there too. I remember those times working at Perdue Farms sometimes on Friday afternoons when I was getting ready to finish for the week at my corporate 8-5 job and most of the time I'd be planning my route after work. First I'd stop by the grocery store to buy ingredients for dinner along with wine or beer. Then I'd go home, drop stuff off and either go play a golf round with Corey or go running up and down the hilly neighborhoods in Harrisonburg Virginia.

When I didn't feel like cooking the call was easy. There was a couple of good pizza spot or Chinese places we would order from because sometimes all you want to do is nourish your body and relax.

Well, the weekend is here for those who work a Monday-Friday. Your workday will end soon and if you're looking to order food, get a bottle of tasty wine, and stay home for the night we are here for you!

We are putting this awesome offer that includes a Pizza, a salad, and dessert, then just add a bottle of wine and ready!

See, delivery services take a big chunk from every tapas delivery order that comes through them. The reason why we use services like GrubHub and Postmates is to gain some visibility in San Diego and hopefully, those who've tried us for the first time by ordering our food through these food delivery services will like it so much they now must come into De Nada Kitchen & Market and enjoy our tapas fresh out of the kitchen. Call it a very expensive marketing service.

So, by you picking up your online order from De Nada San Diego both you and us are saving, this way we can pass the savings to you! We rather invest those marketing dollars in you, our fans, and supporters of De Nada Kitchen and Market.

Ready to start your online order for pizza, empanada, and wine, sangria or craft beer? CLICK HERE

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