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A Hidden Gem in University Heights.

Once more I bring another blog from the Cueva Bar's vault. This blog reflects the pre- COVID19 lives we were all living. Also, be advised I post these blogs with two intentions. One intention is to create content that helps us show up on search results, the other one is to connect with you. So, bare with me as I do my best mixing a little bit of content directed writing and a little more content directed at telling an honest story.

"This is definitely a hidden gem of University Heights. We drove in from Huntington Beach and were looking specifically for a tapas restaurant in San Diego California. How lucky we were to find this gem. Everything about this place is perfect. The atmosphere, the service, the food, and the owner are what make this place special.

We tried 5 items on the menu. Chicken Empanadas, Yellowtail over a sope, Stuffed cheese pepper, Dates stuffed with goat cheese and pecans, and Brisket and mole. They were all delicious! If we had to pick our top two favorites mine would be 1. The Stuffed Pepper (just wish it was bigger) and a tie between the Yellowtail and Stuffed Dates. My husband would be 1. Yellowtail and 2. Chicken Empanada. We also ordered a bottle of Spanish wine that the owner suggested, again, absolutely perfect. We highly recommend The De Nada Kitchen & Market. It is a must-try. I guarantee you will fall in love with this place as much as we did." ~ Rena C.

When our guest's review De Nada Kitchen & Market for our tapas, empanadas, and our wine selections with a five star we feel so happy! But then it's back to grinding. We can't stop and take it for granted not one day. Achieving five stars doesn't come easy. It takes a full team of dedicated humans who love what they do as their job. It takes a full team working in unison cooking and preparing the vast array of world-inspired tapas we offer at De Nada Kitchen & Market.

Now, did you know we offer tacos at De Nada Kitchen & Market? In my mind, tacos are the ultimate Mexican tapa. Recently we started preparing our own nixtamal and grinding it to make our tortillas. We started with a manual grinder but keeping up with production is becoming a challenge so now I have to convince my boss (Jo) to invest in an electrical grinder.

Today is Taco Tuesday. What does that mean? We offer our happy hour tacos of 2 for $5 all night long. So if you can't make it for happy hour and are craving delicious tacos with tortillas made from scratch seek no longer, come join us today, bring a friend or friends and have a taco party!

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