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Pizza Places Near Me

Chef Oz's quest for a perfect pizza (according to him) began back on the East Coast when he traveled to New York as an exchange student. He then began comparing pizzas from the big apple, Boston, and pretty much every place he visited thereafter. It was during the early 2000's when he returned to Manhattan that he decided he was going to give this American classic a try in his own kitchen.  Eventually, chef Oz would end up asking for the dough recipe at a pizza joint in Harrisonburg Virginia. Fast forward to 2010 when he and his wife opened up Cueva Bar in October of 2010. Then, chef Oz decided to offer flat breads while still working on perfecting his recipe. Once Cueva Bar was about to turn ten years old, chef Oz finally opted to dive into the pizza market in November 2019. Now you can enjoy his delicious pizza creations at home by ordering for take-out, delivery or you can simply visit us at 2123 Adams Avenue in San Diego, California for a dining experience like no other where you will pair your pie slices with the amazing wines, sangria, or craft beer that chef Oz carefully selects.

Chimichurri pizza. Gluten free option available. Pizza delivery. Take out near University Heights.
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